University of Virginia School of Medicine and Western State Hospital


Donna K. Broshek, Ph.D., ABPP-CN (UVA Director), Monique Wilson, Ph.D. (WSH Director), Stephanie Bajo, Psy.D. (UVA Assistant Training Director)
University of Virginia Health System Neurocognitive Assessment Lab & Western State Hospital Neuropsychology Lab

Send application materials to:
Monique Wilson, Ph.D.
Western State Hospital
Department of Behavioral Medicine, P.O. Box 2500
103 Valley Center Drive
Staunton, VA 24402-2500

Telephone: 540-332-8391    
FAX: 540-332-8370

Program will do interviews at INS in 2019: Yes

Policy regarding on-site interviews: Remote interviews (telephone, video conference) will be offered for applicants unable to interview at INS.

2019 application deadline: January 1, 2019
2019 residency start date: July 1 to September 1, 2019 (flexible)

Clinical neuropsychology residency openings for 2019: 1
Clinical neuropsychology residency positions: 3

Residency/fellowship positions in psychology: 7

Clinical neuropsychologists: 3 Full-time; 2 Part-time
With ABCN/ABPP: 1 Full-time; 2 Part-time

Other psychologists: 19 Full-time; 1 Part-time; 0 Consultants
With ABPP: 5 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants

Graduate training of residency applicants:

Preferred: Clinical psychology, neuropsychology
Accepted: Clinical psychology, neuropsychology
Not Accepted: Non APA/CPA approved graduate programs or internship, counseling psychology, school psychology, behavioral medicine

Primary emphasis: Adult

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: Neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychological consultation, forensics
Moderate: Multi-disciplinary care, research opportunities, supervision by resident of other providers
Weak: Psychotherapy

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: Epilepsy, brain injury, sports concussion, psychiatric, complex medical comorbidities, organ transplant, HIV/AIDS, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)
Moderate: Tumors, stroke and cerebrovascular disease, substance use disorders, racial/ethnic minorities (African American), ADHD
Weak: Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and related conditions, dementia and other geriatric conditions

updated: 10/11/18